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Información de la industria

Relationship between Soil Moisture Meter Measurement and Nitrate Nitrogen Content


Water plays a very important role in plant life activities and is closely related to the absorption of nitrate nitrogen and its reduction and transformation in plants. It has been reported that soil nitrogen supply is an important factor affecting the nitrate nitrogen content of vegetables. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer increases, the nitrate nitrogen content of vegetables increases, and the moisture content measured by soil moisture meter also increases. The distribution of nitrate nitrogen and moisture in the organs and parts of stems and leaves of vegetables is also consistent: the stems and petioles with high nitrate content have high moisture content; the nitrate content of leaves is low, and the moisture content is also low.

The soil moisture test was repeated six times for each treatment and 18 pots for each vegetable. Seven days after sowing, spinach was sown 3 days after sowing. To be grown after the third true leaf Dingmiao, spinach each pot uniform 6 seedlings, 3 small cabbage. Before water treatment, water was sprayed according to the dry and wet conditions of the pots and soils. Each pot was 400-600 mL, and the amount of pot irrigation was the same. When starting the soil moisture treatment, 3 pots of each vegetable were selected, and a hole punch (inner diameter 0.8 cm) was used to drill the soil in the pot, and a soil moisture meter was used to measure the soil moisture.

According to the average moisture content measured by the soil moisture meter, the soil moisture was adjusted to 150, 200, 250 g/kg, respectively. After 150 g/kg moisture-treated vegetables began to show significant wilting, the water was added by weight method. Soil moisture significantly affects the growth of vegetables. In the case of adequate supply of nutrients for nitrogen and phosphorus, the soil has been treated with different water treatments for only 10 days. The growth of spinach and pakchoi has shown significant differences.

The differences in the growth of three water levels of spinach reached a significant level by the soil moisture analyzer. The growth of Chinese cabbage was not significantly different when the soil moisture was 200 and 250 g/kg, but it was significantly higher than that of soil water 150g/kg. The amount of growth. Appropriate water supply is an important guarantee for high yields of vegetables; water shortage inhibits vegetable growth, and it is difficult to obtain high yields even with sufficient supply of nutrients. At the same time, different types of vegetables have different requirements for soil moisture, and the difference in response to soil moisture between spinach and pakchoi is the performance of different water requirements.
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